Holly Smith is your Student Support and Information Administrator and will be stationed at the Student Helpdesk to assist you with any general information or support enquiries, and can refer you to a specialist service if necessary.

She can offer face-to-face or video call appointments to discuss your needs in more depth if you wish. These appointments provide a safe space for you to get support with any aspect of your life. For information and support, or to book an appointment, get in touch:

Email: SULstudentsupport@staffs.ac.uk

Phone: 0800 195 1799

Student Wellbeing Support

We all have mental health, good and bad. If you are struggling with your mental health, we’ll help you access appropriate support and resources. It’s important that you also seek medical advice from your GP.

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We will support and assist anyone with a disability, including specific learning difficulties, mental health needs and with physical and unseen disabilities. We can advise in Disabled Student Allowances and diagnostic service.

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International Student Support

We are ready to welcome you to Staffordshire University London. You’ll find lots of helpful information on the links below and our Institute Managers are on-hand for any further advice or support.


There are two ways to make an appointment with our services:

You can request an appointment at the help desk and if your matter is urgent you will be referred on the day to the specialised team.

You can book an appointment for the next convenient time and depending on availability on the Staffordshire University booking system.

You will be able to access your appointment from your home or we will provide you with a private space to have you face to face or video call appointment and there is no need for you to disclose private information in the public space.

Please note: we are not an emergency mental health service. Please do not complete and submit the online form if you are seeking support in an emergency.

If you are looking for help in an emergency or feel you need support urgently, please see information on our web pages about emergency and 24 hour support here.