casual student area with kitchen facilities, soft seating area and lockers

The Den

Everyone needs a space to relax, wind down, and take a break from study, and at Staffordshire University London, we have just that. In our den you’ll find all the things you need to help chill you out. Including:

·         Lockers to store your personal items

·         Comfy booths to sit, chat and eat in 

·         Electrical sockets to plug in your devices

·         Wireless pads that charge the latest smartphones

·         A prep area for food and drinks

·         Fridges to keep snacks in

·         Low, soft seating for kicking band and unwinding

The Hub

Welcome to The Hub, one of the main operational areas for flexible learning at Staffordshire University London. Typically this area is used for:

·        Tutorials – get together with our experts and plan your future

·        Group work – work together to create the next generation of technology

·        Live Brief work – study and breakdown the demands of the digital world

The dynamic area contains soft seating and desk areas with various electrical points and workspaces.

There are also two 15 seat areas dedicated to seminar groups that are available to book.

comfortable seating areas for small study groups and meetings
studio space with industry standard pc set ups and ergonomic seating


The Studio is a dynamic learning space that can be used as a 60 seat, or two 30 seat studio spaces. Perfect for collaboration, as well as smaller and more direct practical lectures. Our studio includes:

·         State-of-the-art dual monitor PC setups

·         Individual ergonomic seating

·         Central tables for group work


You will always get a warm welcome us at the Digital Institute London and our Reception is the first thing you’ll see.

This is an open space that is integrated with The Hall, where our Institute Managers will be stationed to offer help and support with your studies.

We also have some soft seating for our industry guests to use when they join us for meetings, opening the floor for networking and collaboration.


entrance reception at Staffordshire University's digital institute, London
large tables for seminar groups, group discussions and class meetings

The Hall

Integrate yourself with the buzz of digital technologies in The Hall, a space dedicated to seminar groups, group discussions and class meetings. The space is fully flexible, and can be configured to suit the needs of groups of up to 30 students. It also includes:

·         Electrical points

·         Soft seating

·         Standing and sitting tables

Esports Arena

Get to grips with the modern world of digital technologies in our bespoke Esports Arena. Here you’ll become familiar with the industry that’s taking the world by storm, and you’ll be able to hone your craft in event organisation, planning and technical skills. Our setup includes:

·         6v6 PC gaming

·         Six Seat Presenter Desk with integrated monitors for live monitoring of gaming feeds

·         Four ceiling suspended TV’s for audience viewing

·         Three Panasonic studio cameras with Autocue teleprompter’s

·         PTZ (Pan, tilt, zoom) remote controllable studio camera for arena coverage

·         Professional custom designed lighting rig

·         Portable green screen kit

Digital Institute London e-sports arena with presenter desk and audience seating
state-of-the-art control room with mixing desk, multiple screens and ergonomic seating

The Control Room

Take control of esports events in our state-of-the-art control room, a space where you’ll learn everything from how to light an event to sound and vision mixing. It is equipped with:

 ·         NewTek IP series vision mixer for acquisition of video sources which are then mixed and compiled for audience viewing

·         Yamaha Audio Mixing Desk for mixing the large quantity of audio sources for live output

·         PC running Qseries (scripting) software

·         Zero88 Lighting desk for control of broadcast and creative arena lighting

·         Intercom system for communication between technical team and presenters

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Staffordshire University’s reputation for teaching and learning quality and student achievement has been recognised with a Gold award in the latest Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF).