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22 October 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

CS:GO has been a top-tier Esports title for longer than most games had an active audience, and its spectator audience has grown year-on-year. After the coronavirus outbreak, unprecedented opportunity came upon grassroots tournament organizers and content creators, giving way for high-quality community-led content to shine. In this panel discussion, we will hear directly from induvial from the Esports grassroots community, who have seen their projects quickly grow over the course of the last four months. We will learn about how they managed to cope with the pandemic and continue to push forward and create growth during these harsh times.

In Conversation With:

Matthew Smithson-Connelly

Matthew is the creator of ESNL, an ongoing CS:GO circuit featuring top teams across Europe. His circuit’s 7th season saw a huge increase in both the talent level of teams and the amount of spectators. His series went from being well-known in the UK for its quality broadcast to becoming an international tournament for up-and-coming teams.

We’ll talk to him about the challenges of scaling quickly, and he will offer us fascinating insight into running an Esports company through a pandemic. He will add to a broader conversation with other Esports professionals about the positive and negative implications of quickly scaling in a period of uncertainty.

Carlos Jorge Vicent Lozano

Carlos is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ravens Esports Club, an up-and-coming organization with teams in four different titles and roster of xx streamers. He and his colleagues were able to hit major milestones for both exposure and partnerships during the pandemic so far, but were not without their shortcomings.

We’ll talk to Carlos about some of the projects that Ravens EC undertook during lockdown, including a charity event with pro footballers and the collective rise in popularity with their streamers.

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